welcome to the world of leatherwear

why leatherwear fashion?

Leatherwear is perhaps the most versatile clothing in the world, and has always been.

Leather isn’t just extremely elegant, chic and stylish, it is also extremely durable making it popular amongst bikers.

Leatherwear was used all the way back when our forefathers ruled the world simply because it could protect the body.

The world of fashion started to see the potential in leather in the 1920’s, especially German acress Marlene Dietrich, made herself an icon of stylish black leather pants. Designers soon saw how leatherwear could be used as stylish and minimalist garment for as well men and women.

Leatherwear for stylish and elegant

Regardless of age, hair color, body type or wardrobe, leather is sure to help you in any situation if you should find yourself in need of a stylish or elegant look. Leather jackets are suitable for business, work and evening wear.

One thing about leatherwear I want to highlight, is the minimalist appeal it brings. Just like human skin, leatherwear is a beautiful, natural aesthetic material that brings out the best of its carrier.

short red leather jacket for women

rocking leather pants in every age

Once you have owned a pair of genuine leather pants, you will NEVER go back to not owning a pair! The soothing feeling of the soft flexible leather embracing your legs, giving you both protection and a comfy feeling is addictive.

Talking about the feeling of wearing leather, showing of the ability to dress well for any occasion is a skill. Not every man or woman can pull it off, but with a pair of leather pants you will be able to shine at any event.

Many women tend to think they either too young or too old to be wearing leather pants, they think it is something they can wear when they are only in the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s – ridiculous! Leather pants applies to women at any age, from your late teens till you’re in the 80’s, it’s simply a matter of style, couture and color.

It is time to talk about trendy pants because of latest 2015 to 2016 autumn and winter trends. Street style fashion has lots of options for you from trendy trousers to street wears for office hours. Sweatpants are great to wear in casual events and the recent style leather pants are good to wear at business meetings as well.

Leather pants are available in elegant designs and these are now becoming an essential part of your wardrobe. You can try modern, industrial and futuristic designs. You will be in love with leather pants after noticing the leather styles from various brands like Louis Vuitton, Vika Gazinskaya, Pirosmani, Ann Demeulemeester and Hermès, brands that has really made leather trousers a key item in fashion.

wearing leather jackets for the win

No other piece of cloth in the world has a voice and attitude as a leather jacket. Whether you want to express your sophisticated style, or your edgy rebel yell alter ego, the leather jacket is your best friend. Every man and every woman should have a leather jacket in the closet! One of the best things about leather jackets, is that they get better and prettier over the years, and so will you.

The 50’s had a major impact on the leatherwear fashion industry, as the motorcycle culture started to grow across the US and iconic characters gave significance to the leather jacket.

Again during the 70’s, the punk subculture arose from the underground and claimed attention from the world with anarchy and chaos, manifested in piercings, studded leather and raw looks.

The leather jackets you see today, all carry some kind of respect to the early leather wearing cultures from the 20th century. It calls for style, significance and personality.

Therefore, a leather jacket is the best investment you can do when it comes to your wardrobe, it is a signature and key item of any wardrope, mens and womens.

Booting up all season

– Every season

Every woman have a pair of boots or booties in the closet, some high heeled, some flat soled, some with wedge heel and some with high level of details. Boots come in many forms and variations.

Leatherwear behind the scenes

The leather fashion industry has been around for a very long time. Every decade has seen that leather fashion has hit all-time highs with little variations and trend changes. Sometimes it is leather jackets, or leather skirts, or leather skinnies, rather all times of leather fashion accessories remain in the limelight of every fashion year. Leather fashion has never quite faded away. It comes back again and again in one form or another.

This year too with the coming of the winter season, leather fashion has hit the fashion streets with a bang. Everywhere you look around there is a touch of leather in everything. You do not need a full leather jacket or all leather attire. You only need to add a dash of leather in everything you wear. It can only be leather sleeves or a belt. It can range from a leather collar to contrast panels and elbow patches. The leather fashion accessories market is very large and has a huge variety of products that you can choose from.

The leather fashion accessories are also very expensive when they are made from real leather materials. The actual leather is made from the tanning of skins of various animals. Most commonly the skins and hides of cattle animals are used, which are already slaughtered for their meat products. But there are some exotic leather types of available which are made from wild and rare animal skins like kangaroos, alligators and crocodiles to name a few.

There is also a range of leather fashion accessories are not made from real leather but looks exactly the same. These materials are produced from synthetic production processes and are much less costly than actual leather fashion accessories.

Leather fashion has been around for a long time and it is surely here to stay for another very long time.

Among all the apparel and clothing materials available in the market, leather is considered to be one of the most durable and flexible ones. It is manufactured through a comprehensive tanning process of the animal raw hide and skin. This hide is mostly extracted from local cattle animals like cows, buffaloes and sheep. In many countries however, leather is also made from the skins of cats and dogs. The leather for the leather fashion accessories is produced in both forms of cottage and large industries.

Leather is used worldwide for several different purposes. Some of them include leather fashion, clothing and ready-made garments, belts and jackets. Other uses may include book covers, binders, wallpapers, furniture covers and much more. There is a large variety of different types and forms of leather produced worldwide. Some of them are very expensive like the leather fashion accessories produced from exotic animal leather like crocodile or alligator skins. There are also cheaper forms of leather and leather replicas also being produced in the industry. The leather fashion accessories produced from these replica materials are far cheaper than their original counterparts but the quality of the products is compromised in this case.

Leather products and leather fashion accessories are very durable and long lasting. This is because leather has the qualities of resistance to any kind of abrasion or wind and is a very rugged and tough material to tear. Apart from leather fashion, leather is also put to use for many other purposes as well. These may include home decoration items, riding and other sports gear and is also used in the interiors of the automobiles. Thus it can be concluded that the demand for leather fashion accessories and other leather products continues to grow and there is not boundaries to which purpose it can be utilized for.